Reaching for the stars

Rural Teacher Vision Expansion Project


We hope to inspire K12 students in rural areas,especially girls,We hope to inspire K to 12 students in rural areas, especially girls, to expand their knowledge, explore, and set their own goals



We plan to successfully encourage a certain number of students to enter the professional area of their choice, such as STEAM, by choosing it as a major to study or career to pursue



By breaking barriers to accessing knowledge, we hope to instill rural students with the ambition to rise to the top of their field and make outstanding contributions with enthusiasm and expertise

Project Concept

  • We hope to promote the personal growth and educational quality of rural teachers to improve the overall quality of rural education. At the same time, we expect that rural teachers will be able to better identify and develop their current and future students’ potentials.
  • Every child should have an opportunity to pursue their dreams, which is fundamental to a fair society. The final mission of the project is to provide rural children with the opportunity to explore and pursue those goals earlier than they now do.

Curriculum Structure

  • Integrate high-quality resources, professional knowledge, the experiences of outstanding scholars and experts of the field, both at home and abroad, and high-quality case studies to meet the needs of rural teachers and children. This will ensure that the courses are inspiring, knowledgeable, and interesting.
  • Use class-based teaching to encourage active student discussions, equip each class with a teaching assistant to provide support and guidance in a timely manner, and track the results/feedback of the courses for necessary adjustments.

Operation Model

  • The House of Enlightened Needs (H.E.N.) is the founder and organizer of this project
  • Other institutions (companies) and individuals can join as members. Members will be involved in the operation of a specific part of the project.

Technical Platform

  • Standardize the curriculum online, which not only lets the project cross geospatial constraints but also increase the interactivity of the curriculum. This helps to expand the influence of the project resources beyond the set curriculum.

Curriculum Development

Biology (Science)

This course will focus on expanding understandings of science. Through introducing cutting-edge problems and solutions in life sciences, medicine, and biotechnology worldwide, this course hopes to inspire students to develop interest and passion in those fields and become future professionals and top experts in relation to biology.

Adolescent Behavioral and Psychological Conflicts (Human Development)

This course will focus on human development, especially on the subjects of psychology and pedagogy. Through helping rural teachers scientifically guide and encourage the healthy growth of adolescents, this course will inspire students to become psychological counselors, secondary education teachers, psychologists, and other professionals in related fields.

Law (Humanities)

This course will focus on expanding understandings of the humanities. Through teaching law-related subjects, theories. and cases, it hopes to develop students’ legal acumen and interest in learning about the law, ultimately inspiring them to become legal practitioners and top experts who pursue justice.

Astronomy (Science)

This course will focus on expanding understandings of time and the universe. Through topics on cosmic space, celestial bodies, cosmic structure, and development etc., it plans to inspire teachers and students to look to the sky and envision “reaching for the stars”.

Popular Science (General)

This will serve as an easy-to-understand introduction to science and engineering topics useful in daily life.


We have more courses under development!

Why Online Courses?

  • Benefits more rural teachers
  • Breaks geospatial barriers and increases interactivity
  • Attracts the best scholars and experts (who may otherwise be constrained by time, resources, and accessibility) to the project 

Why Rural Teachers?

  • Benefits more rural students
  • They’re better equipped to spread knowledge
  • Provides rural teachers with an opportunity to improve themselves and may allow rural teachers to even realize their own goals

The objective of the “Reaching for the Stars” project is that, one day, rural teachers can better identify their students’ potentials, and help guide them into professional fields. At the completion of the project’s mission, the goals of rural children will no longer be constrained by geography; they shall see the stars and reach for them.