On August 31, 2016, H.E.N.'s commemorative T-shirts (produced in Changshu, Jiangsu), went on sale. H.E.N. produced a total of 2016 commemorative T-shirts (each with a unique number) and sold them to influential individuals (including those in the academic, business, and public service departments in China).

       Each commemorative T-shirt was sold for 300 yuan in 2016. 547 were sold. It was priced at RMB 350 in 2017 and 426 pieces were sold. After that, the price will continue to increase by 50 yuan every year, and continue to be sold to supporters who are willing to actively promote the cause of H.E.N.

In 2017, EMBA alumni companies purchased commemorative T-shirts and gave them to every university professor who has completed the fair wealth ranking (nearly 500 at this point), such as Shanghai CHEERSUM Investment Management Group Co., Ltd.