The House of Enlightened Needs (H.E.N.) has facilitated the “one-minute initiative” for three consecutive years every New Year (January 1), focusing on the dignity of children. H.E.N. will continue to launch this "one-minute initiative" every year to encourage continuous social attention to the dignity of children.

2017 New Year"One-Minute Initiative" for Child Beggars

       When a child begs on the street, they receive a trivial sum of money, but lose the basic requirements for dignity. They experience all kinds of indifference and malice when begging. Begging also establishes a sense of social injustice within these children. When they grow up, they are more likely to ignore other people's dignity as well.

       When we are accustomed to child begging and are indifferent to a child who begs to "make money," we have truly lost respect for the dignity of other people's lives.

       When a society allows children to beg, it loses a sense of justice and their future.

       We advocate that in an ideal Chinese society, the idea that children can beg cannot be accepted under any circumstances, for whatever reason.

       To this end, we propose the "One Minute Initiative" in the New Year. On the first day of the New Year (January 1, 2017), everyone can practice respect for the dignity of children on the street. We propose that you can choose one of three things:

1、 Stand with them for a minute

       If you see them on the street, please stand with them for a minute if possible.

2、 Apologize for a minute

       If you want to apologize to a child who has given up dignity to beg for a living, post what you want to say on your social platform or share it with friends.

3、 Contribute to our photo collection

       Please add photos of yourself or your child's eyes into our collection. Our current collection has photos of eyes of child beggars. Then, share the photos with friends (and / or us).

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2018 New Year"One-Minute Initiative" for Children in the Shadow of Violence

The results of Sohu’s polls of people in their twenties and teenagers in 2016 have shown that only 11.5% of children choose to tell their parents about campus violence while 52.9% of them choose to endure in silence.

Bystanders who report these incidents to teachers and parents are even fewer. Based on videos of campus violence circulating online, "87% of violent incidents have bystanders, but no one comes forward to stop the perpetrator. The vast majority of campus bullying videos circulated online were taken by bystanders, and some scenes were accompanied by jokes or even vulgar explanations. "

If we do not report and report campus violence, it is tantamount to acquiesce in violence. We have become partners in campus violence and should be punished accordingly.

Therefore, H.E.N. calls on everyone to stop being complicit in campus violence and to help promote "Zero Violence in 2020"!

On the first day of the new year (January 1, 2018), we recommend that everyone do one little thing and give children who have experienced violence one minute of their time.

1、Be grateful for a minute

If you have experienced school violence as a child, but you were helped or have seen someone else help other bullied children, please share your story with “2020 Zero Violence” and thank that person.

2、 Apologize for a minute

If you have ever witnessed campus violence as a silent bystander and regret it, please contact the classmate who was bullied at the time and express your apologies to them.

3、Take a pledge

Please make a commitment to the dignity of children by taking this pledge: "Once school violence is witnessed, I will absolutely report it to the relevant person in charge or platform, such as the police, teachers, parents or anonymously report to the app "Enlightened Needs."

If you have children, please protect your children and pledge with them to be neither a perpetrator nor a bystander to campus violence.

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2019 New Year"One-Minute Initiative" for Children in the Shadow of Violence

Even though we may not be able to see, children may be suffering injuries. These injuries are branded on them like imprints and cannot be erased. We can only truly protect the children with the law by intervening.

Therefore, HEN urged everyone to promise one minute for children on the first day of the new year (January 1, 2019).

Make a commitment to protecting the dignity of children by taking this pledge: "If I discover a violent incident has occurred against a child, I will definitely report it to the police and then inform 6 other people so that a group can work together to protect the child’s dignity!"

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