About H.E.N.

       The House of Enlightened Needs (H.E.N.) was founded in May 2016. H.E.N. is a new type of corporation, which combines academic research, business practice, and teaching. The goal of H.E.N. is to identify critical issues and make the concept of enlightened needs mainstream in mainland China—this could substantially advance Chinese society. Instead of relying on donations and grants, H.E.N. has adopted a unique business model: H.E.N. commits 100% of its profits to its nonprofit causes and general operation.


  • Produce and sell fair-priced and high quality products and service
  • Identify and make enlightened needs mainstream with the goal of advancing society
  • Establish and operate an informed think tank to explore the concept of future、science and humanity
Specific Projects
  • Dignified Children、Reaching for the Stars、Fair Wealth、Enlightened Future
  • Business Consulting、Enlightened College



  • 人类的未来不是确定的,它在很大程度上取决于我们在当下基于自身的有知需求(超越动物性的需求)所做出的选择。
  • 我们向往的(有知)未来是一个崇尚对宇宙和生命的探索,以不断推动人类知识和能力的进步为目标的有知社会。人类个体不再以繁衍培养血亲后代、物质积累、或物质享受为生命的主要动力。


  • 以推动人类知识和能力的进步为目标;
  • 研究并推广可以帮助人类社会加速走向有知未来,至关重要但尚未被广泛采用的理念、方法、及途径。