Fair Wealth Evaluation System

Evaluation Framework



Theme of Fair Wealth Evaluation

The entire evaluation system uses the framework of fair wealth to evaluate the performance of companies along three major themes:transparency, progress and guidance.

       Transparency emphasizes the obligation of the company to make full disclosures. Progress requires the company to improve its fair wealth performance continuously throughout its development.Guidance demonstrates the enterprise’s role in promoting the progress of the society.

       Transparency and progress are reflected in the fair wealth evaluation system and guidance is reflected in the rating and ranking standards.

Fair Wealth Evaluation System

       The fair wealth evaluation system evaluates enterprises through a four-layer structure, including the structure itself, the dimension layer, the attribute layer, the indicator layer, and the data item layer to obtain the final score of each enterprise.


Layer Definition Method
Dimensions Decided by the weighted average of all the attributes below to this dimension Formative
Aspects Decided by simple average of all the indictors under this attribute Formative
Indicators Based on the Data Item Quality, Relevance and Performance Formative
Data Items Actual data collected Reflective


       The dimension layer is the outcome of combining the fair wealth theory with Chinese social practice (see the section on Fair Wealth Rating for details on the “six dimensions”).

       Below the dimension layer is the layer of aspects. The aspect layer is the combination of all aspects of enterprise operation and the fair wealth theory. It is also the concrete implementation of the six dimensions from the perspective of enterprise operations.

       Next is the indicator layer, which measures the specific performance of the enterprise in a certain aspect.

       Finally, as the underlying architecture of the evaluation system, specific items are comprised in the item layer. These items are the specific pieces of information disclosed by enterprises related to the indicators.

       See the Fair Wealth Rating section for details on the rating system and methods.