H.E.N. has facilitated the "one-minute initiative" on New Year's day (January 1) for three consecutive years, focusing on child beggars and campus violence. A number of media platforms have commented and reported, including Planetding, Bancheng Book Club, The Paper (both the Chinese edition and English edition), Xinhua News Agency, The Chinanews, Tencent News, Global Times, Shanghai TV Station, Phoenix TV.

       Among them, The Paper's special report made more than 1,500 special reports, which became a top headline. The Weibo account of The Paper accrued 2.88 million reads, 783 reposts, and over 1,000 comments. The news report was quickly reposted and commented on by a number of media sources, including PhoenixNet, Dragon TV, AM1296 Morning News, XinhuaNet, and The Chinanews.