About H.E.N.

       The House of Enlightened Needs (H.E.N.) was founded in May 2016. H.E.N. is a new type of corporation, which combines academic research, business practice, and teaching. The goal of H.E.N. is to identify critical issues and make the concept of enlightened needs mainstream in mainland China—this could substantially advance Chinese society. Instead of relying on donations and grants, H.E.N. has adopted a unique business model: H.E.N. commits 100% of its profits to its nonprofit causes and general operation.


  • Produce and sell fair-priced and high quality products and service
  • Identify and make enlightened needs mainstream with the goal of advancing society
  • Establish and operate an informed think tank to explore the concept of future、science and humanity
Specific Projects
  • Business Consulting、Enlightened College
  • Dignified Children、Fair Wealth
  • To be launched

       H.E.N. is led by academics (from 30 different universities) and supported by those in both the private and public sectors.