Center for Enlightened FutureThe Center for Enlightened Future (C.E.F.) was founded by H.E.N. and other scholars around the world. It is dedicated to exploring, researching, and facilitating technologies that have a fundamental impact on the future for the benefit of humanity.


Future Informant Panelis an open platform for the public to participate in the research of C.E.F. If you are interested in participating, you can join the Future Informant Panel by registering online! Your participation can contribute to both academic and policy development. You can also stay informed of our results and be involved in the progress of our research.

  • Weekly Topic

Every week we will release hot button topics on technology to explore and discuss possible futures. You can see how your response compare with other peoples.

  • In-Depth Research

We will invite everyone to participate in academic research on future technology.


Research areas:

  • Human-robot relationships (e.g., autonomous vehicles, virtual influencers etc., )

  • Food technology (e.g., meat replacement)

  • Human augmentation etc.,



Xu, J., & Ding, M. (2019). Using the Double Transparency of Autonomous Vehicles to Increase Fairness and Social Welfare. Customer Needs and Solutions, 1-10.